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A monthly podcast with expert guidance to help you bring your Business to life.


Got a bigger vision for your business?

We'll get you there the ZB Way.

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The ZB Elevate Your Business Podcast:

Today, I'm offering you the opportunity to study with me on a bi-monthly basis

The ZB Elevate your Business Podcast allows you to get insights twice monthly from me that will help you and your business transform into the amazing vehicle you wish it to be.

The core Zen Business philosophy, techniques and practices, all in an accessible, twice-monthly podcasts.

Let's put ZB to work for you!

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with Don Davis since the spring of 1993. He has a real passion for quality and “getting better”, and is consistently seeking ways to improve his personal and professional life. Whether it’s a small course correction or a major business decision, you get the feeling that it’s the quality of the next decision that is on his mind. And the compound effect of this decision making process shows up in ways that benefit the people around him, and I think that’s very important to him.

There have been times when I have gone over ideas with him, and even though it wasn’t a fit at the time, I still felt that he listened and gave the idea consideration. This actually may be his greatest asset, a philosophy of asking questions and listening, and then carefully proceeding (or not, in some cases 🙂).

I also think of him as a giver and someone who gets behind causes he believes in. Life is short, and it’s not what you have but who you become that defines you. And being a positive, thoughtful and genuine person is the core of what makes Don a success not only in business but in life."

Donn R. - Manufacturer’s Representative

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Are you ready to elevate your business?

Strategies and expert advice twice a month to take your career, business and life to the next level!

What you'll learn:

Amazing, actionable concepts and strategies that work.

Each month we'll cover a different theme that's essential to running your business the ZB Way.

Topics include:

>> How to create a vision for your business, and implement it.

>> Time management and the art of delegation.

>> Taking care of your people the ZB Way.

>> How to assess your true profitability.

>> How to overcome financial challenges.

>> What great customer service is, and how to make sure you and your company implement it on a daily basis.

>> Why you need to take time off, yesterday!

...and much more!

What you'll get:

>> Two 50-minute podcasts per month.

>> The ability to ask questions in our private forum just for participants of the Elevate your Business Community.

>> Audio downloads of podcasts so you can listen anytime, anywhere.

>> A summary of highlights for each podcast, so you can reference it easily.

Expect amazing results: thriving business, happy life.

Accessible, relevant and actionable monthly guidance to move you and your business forward!

The benefits of the Elevate Your Business Podcast:

Forty years tried and true practices.

>> Get expert training on a consistent basis for a fraction of the cost of corporate coaching.

>> There's no need to fit your schedule into my schedule - listen whenever you want.

>> Your most burning business questions and challenges answered.

>> You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers directly from me and fellow students on the course platform.

Why choose the Elevate Your Business Podcast?

It's unlike any training you'll ever get.

>> My unique combination of business experience and Zen Buddhist training gives me a set of tools unparalleled to what you’ll find anywhere else.

>> Not only will I give you the practical technique, but I’ll also teach you a unique philosophy of life that’s truly going to bring you success in all areas.


"Don, I want to thank you for all of the time and advice you have given me over the years. As someone who makes a living meeting with businesses and major companies about aspects of advertising and marketing, I have had a wide variety of exposure to diverse mindsets and business strategies over the past few decades, and I have always been amazed at how some businesses seem to have a kind of magic touch. Yours is one of those businesses.

That’s why I appreciate all of the advice and expertise that you have been so willing to share with me in such an easily-digestible manner and with such clarity. I have so often left meetings with you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that? It makes perfect sense!”

Your advice to me concerning strategies to acquire and keep good employees was particularly eye opening and so helpful as that has historically been the most difficult part of running a business for me. Our conversations have always been a calm and comfortable experience and I appreciate how freely you offer your guidance in times when I find myself most in need of it. You have really been an invaluable asset to me as a business owner."

Rick I. - Business Owner

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What results have I and my clients had?

The principles of Buddhism have guided the creation of Zen Business, my business-life philosophy.

All my years of questing and training have given me a one-of-a-kind toolset to approach running my business and living a happy, fulfilled life. The techniques I’ve honed are effective at managing and growing my business and team, and staying centered while doing it.

Of course, whenever I find a system that works for me, I want to share it with others as well. Over the years, that’s what became Zen Business. This toolbox of business and life techniques has really helped me keep myself and my business running in peak condition

With Zen Business, my business has remained profitable for 40 years.

I've been able to create a business that's more successful and fulfilling than I ever imagined. It also gives me the ability to take care of my people above and beyond their expectations. I’ve been able to donate generously to charities and organizations I believe in. And, I’ve been able to live a well-rounded happy life.

I’ve coached many fellow business owners and business professionals, offering them revolutionary guidance that helped them transform their businesses and lives.

With my techniques, I've helped many business professionals and business owners get more time off - and in doing so, actually transform their careersbusinesses and lives!

A company I coached in Minnesota went from barely carving a living out of their company to doubling their business and profits year after year. After about 8 years, their business was doing so well that they turned the reigns over to others, and haven't worked full-time since.

Another companycoached in Florida was losing a million dollars a year. Within two years, with my guidance, we were able to get them heavily back into the black. Their business continues to prosper and grow.

The secret is in Zen Business.

For many years, I ran a consulting company that brought struggling business owners back into profits - not just temporarily, but for the long term. The concepts that brought those businesses renewed success became a fundamental part of Zen Business.

I have a rock solid history of success personally in my own businesses. I've trained and guided many, salespeople, business professionals, and fellow business owners to better business and life results.

I'm confident that Zen Business has the potential to help you, too

You'll be happy you invested in the Elevate Your Business Podcast:

Bottom Line: You'll get your business to where you've always wanted it to be.

>> You'll benefit from the wisdom and techniques I've learned through 40 years of hard work and hardcore questing.

>> The Zen Business system will help you get results in your business and life.

>> You'll have monthly guidance and tools, so you won’t have to muddle through on your own anymore.

>> I’ll be right here with you, helping you through the challenges and obstacles that inevitably come up for us as business owners or business professionals.


Why keep struggling?

I've already got the roadmap...

...so, let Zen Business work for you!

Create a better future with Zen Business.

Now's the time!

Invest in yourself.

By investing in yourself and signing up for the Elevate Your Business Podcast today, you’ll be giving yourself access to a steady stream ZB insights and practices to help you move forward and face whatever types of challenges you have in your professional and personal life.

I'm giving you the roadmap, and I’ll be here to guide you along the way. With commitment and effort, you will definitely see the rewards in your career, business and in your life.

Pricing Options





Audio downloads of each podcast

Access to private community and forum

Bonus: 25% off Coaching Session






Audio downloads of each podcast

Access to private community and forum

Bonus: 25% off Coaching Session


"I am writing to recommend Don Davis. I have known and had the pleasure of working with Don Davis for over 15 years. Don Davis has consistently proven himself to be an innovative and dedicated business owner. He is always on the cutting edge of trends in his industry and this has led to the success of his businesses on many levels.

His energy and leadership permeates his business environment leading to happy employees and repeat customers. His integrity and business ethics ensure vendors try to do everything they can for him to be certain of mutual success. He develops long term relationships due to the positive business environment he cultivates.

His success in business has led to a substantial amount of community involvement. Don is always donating his resources to improving the lives of others and the community. He actively donates to many causes in the community.

Don also motivates those around him and has strong leadership and mentorship skills transforming the lives of those around him. Helping them to grow and prosper. Don is the tide that raises all ships and I have been fortunate to have been part of that rising tide."

Julie T. - Account Executive

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Plus, you have the freedom to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

You'll get expert advice for a fraction of the cost of corporate coaching.

On-the-go training will fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast, change your business and life.

Now is your time to Elevate Your Business.

Sign up now to start seeing benefits right away in your business and life!

Why prolong the pain and suffering? There’s a solution sitting right here in front of you. What I’m going to teach you will give you the power to overcome all types of business and life challenges that may head your way. 

How much longer do you want to keep struggling to reach your goals?

Pricing Options





Audio downloads of each podcast

Access to private community and forum

Bonus: 25% off Coaching Session






Audio downloads of each podcast

Access to private community and forum

Bonus: 25% off Coaching Session


"We as humans will always be striving to be the best version of ourselves, we are just so stuck in our own heads that we cannot find a foreseeable way to actually change. When we run across a person in our life that has spent a good part of their life learning how to be a better person, learning how to teach people, learning how to love the world, we would be wise to open up and pay attention. Mr. Don Davis is that person. Follow him and your life will change for the better, mine certainly has."

Mark K. Head Installer & Sales Associate

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Are you ready to elevate your business?

Let me guide you to career, business and life success!

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