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Using techniques I've honed over 40+ years in business, I help other business owners get rid of their roadblocks for good and take their business to the next level.

Hi, I'm Don!

I've been successful in the business world for 40+ years. It all started with my retail business, Heat 'N Sweep, which is still going strong today. I've created and owned multiple other businesses over the years, including a business consulting company and a jet ski business in the Caribbean. I've also been an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest for 15+ years.

My background has given me one-of-a-kind experience and wisdom. With my vast business experience and Zen expertise, I help people just like you have more career and business success and have a greater positive impact in their professional and personal world. 

Iā€™m passionate about helping small businesses.

I’ve owned multiple businesses over the past 40 years, but that’s not the only reason why I’m passionate about this. Small businesses are the foundation of our country.

According to the latest statistics from the US Small Business Administration, there are 28 million small businesses in the US, and only 18,500 large businesses. That means 99.9% of businesses in the US are small business. That’s amazing!

I’m proud to be a small business owner, and I know you are, too. I would love to help you take your business to the next level, whatever that looks like for you.


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If you're in business, I can help.

Your business is my specialty.

Whatever your specialty is, my coaching will take your business to that ever elusive next level of success. I have decades of experience in the fireplace, luxury spas and casual furniture industries, and I've successfully coached fellow small business owners in a range of industries, helping them find more success than they could ever have imagined.

My expertise is in customizing the universal to all small businesses: no matter the industry, my techniques will work.

As I'm sure you know, it's not always easy applying universal principles to your unique business. That's where I come in. Let me find the best ways to make those universal gold standards work for you. 

Industry highlights of my retail business:

If you're in any of these industries, you've just hit the jackpot.

Casual Furniture

I have many years of success in the casual furniture industry. If you're in casual furniture, my expertise would help you knock it out of the ballpark!

Luxury Spas

With many years in the luxury spa industry, my experience selling spas would help you blow your spa sales out of the water!

Fireplace & Hearth

My business Heat 'N Sweep began in the fireplace industry over 40 years ago. It's been rocking and rolling ever since. Let me help you have fireplace sales that are hotter than they've ever been!

Any position you can think of in a business, I've done it!

- Launching Business Startups

- Business Finance

- Management

- Human Resources

- Sales 

- Marketing

- Customer Service

- Accounting

- Purchasing

- Hiring

- New Department Development

- Creating opportunities for growth & expansion

...and so much more!

40+ profitable years in business

It's no easy feat to stay in business for 40 years. It's even harder to be profitable every year, without fail.

I've done both.

Let me help you find the same sustainable success in your business, whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for many years!

Is your business stuck in a rut?

If you feel stagnant, now's the time to change! 

My specialty is taking your business to the next level. Let me coach you on how to get there!

Expert coaching for any industry

How it works:

I'll do an in-depth analysis of your business, to help you pinpoint the top 3-5 areas for improvement.

Then, I'll customize a unique plan of action to get your business in peak condition, for the long term.

Coaching is done remotely via one-on-one calls and email communication. You can also elect for an on-site visit if you want to fast track your business even more.

"Don, I want to thank you for all of the time and advice you have given me over the years. As someone who makes a living meeting with businesses and major companies about aspects of advertising and marketing, I have had a wide variety of exposure to diverse mindsets and business strategies over the past few decades, and I have always been amazed at how some businesses seem to have a kind of magic touch. Yours is one of those businesses.

That’s why I appreciate all of the advice and expertise that you have been so willing to share with me in such an easily-digestible manner and with such clarity. I have so often left meetings with you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that? It makes perfect sense!”

Your advice to me concerning strategies to acquire and keep good employees was particularly eye opening and so helpful as that has historically been the most difficult part of running a business for me. Our conversations have always been a calm and comfortable experience and I appreciate how freely you offer your guidance in times when I find myself most in need of it. You have really been an invaluable asset to me as a business owner."

Rick I. - Business Owner

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Why you need to invest in coaching with me right now:

If you're one of those business owners who doesn't think they can afford or need coaching, think again.

Everyone needs an outside perspective on their business! Even if you've spent years struggling to get your performance where you want it to be - it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Following my in-depth analysis of your business, you'll have a plan to get where you want to go. And I'll be with you each step of the way to help you make it happen.

My coaching is like none other out there. It's cutting edge, compassionate and customized directly to your needs! I'll apply the universal principles of success in a unique way that works for you and your business. You won't have to try to fit yourself into some formula anymore. 

Coaching just for you - because no two businesses are the same.

"I am writing to recommend Don Davis. I have known and had the pleasure of working with Don Davis for over 15 years. Don Davis has consistently proven himself to be an innovative and dedicated business owner. He is always on the cutting edge of trends in his industry and this has led to the success of his businesses on many levels.

His energy and leadership permeates his business environment leading to happy employees and repeat customers. His integrity and business ethics ensure vendors try to do everything they can for him to be certain of mutual success. He develops long term relationships due to the positive business environment he cultivates.

His success in business has led to a substantial amount of community involvement. Don is always donating his resources to improving the lives of others and the community. He actively donates to many causes in the community.

Don also motivates those around him and has strong leadership and mentorship skills transforming the lives of those around him. Helping them to grow and prosper. Don is the tide that raises all ships and I have been fortunate to have been part of that rising tide."

Julie T. - Account Executive

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"I have had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with Don Davis since the spring of 1993. He has a real passion for quality and “getting better”, and is consistently seeking ways to improve his personal and professional life. Whether it’s a small course correction or a major business decision, you get the feeling that it’s the quality of the next decision that is on his mind. And the compound effect of this decision making process shows up in ways that benefit the people around him, and I think that’s very important to him.

There have been times when I have gone over ideas with him, and even though it wasn’t a fit at the time, I still felt that he listened and gave the idea consideration. This actually may be his greatest asset, a philosophy of asking questions and listening, and then carefully proceeding (or not, in some cases šŸ™‚).

I also think of him as a giver and someone who gets behind causes he believes in. Life is short, and it’s not what you have but who you become that defines you. And being a positive, thoughtful and genuine person is the core of what makes Don a success not only in business but in life."

Donn R. - Manufacturer's Representative

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