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Don Davis

The Zen Business Master

Don has been a dynamic and positive force in Michigan's Lansing area and beyond for 40 years. He established Heat 'N Sweep, a highly acclaimed Michigan business he's been running profitably every single year since 1977.

He's a multi-passionate entrepreneur at heart, and has created and ran many businesses in addition to Heat 'N Sweep, from manufacturing designer lighting to being an international distributor of jet skis as well as business consulting.

Through business consulting, he's helped many businesses get back on their feet again. People have always gravitated to Don for advice on their business and also their personal life. 

Don was raised Methodist and continues to have a base in Christianity. After a near death experience at around 30 years old, he also discovered Buddhism and began his Buddhist path. He was ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest in 2002 and was given the Buddhist name Ryunen.

A way of living rather than a religion, Buddhist philosophy helps guide Don in his daily business and personal life. For a number of years, Don ran a local community meditation center. 

Now, Don's mission is to share his business and life philosophy with the business community. His company Insight Life Academy allows him to do this. From sales associates to business owners themselves, his Zen Business training platform teaches a way of life that will take any business endeavor to the next level while promoting a well-rounded and happy life.

While passionately Making Living Better through running Heat 'N Sweep, taking great care of his clients and employees and sharing his revolutionary Zen Business platform, Don continues to lead a disciplined and well-rounded life.

He practices meditation on a daily basis and experiences a life of strong spiritual connection. He also practices healthy living essentials, incorporating exercise, such as walking and biking, and healthy food into his daily routine. He focuses on living a life aligned with right livelihood and being of service. 

Don believes everyone’s birth right is a joy-filled, rewarding and blessed life. Through sharing Zen Business, he allows people to realize their true potential and live a joyful, happy and fulfilling life on all levels. 

Don also has various other creative projects at Insight Life Academy, such as writing, course creation, blogging and speaking. Through Heat 'N Sweep, Insight Life Academy and Zen Business, Don is able to live his true calling of helping the world and constantly improving his way of being.

Caroline Crawford

The Creative Director

Caroline creates passionately behind the scenes at Insight Life Academy. It's her mission to help get Don's Zen Business teachings out into the world and changing many people's lives.

Tapping into Don's Zen Business theories, concepts and practices, Caroline heads up all creative initiatives, from content creation, website design and digital media management to script writing, video production and video editing and everything in between.

Caroline grew up in the East Lansing, Michigan area, attending the University of Michigan for undergraduate studies in French and Environmental Sciences. During that time, she spent an academic year living and studying in Switzerland.

Following her graduation, she lived in France for four years, where she taught English, worked as an au pair and completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Psychology. She is a published academic author with experience in French, Environmental Psychology and health and wellness.

Like Don, Caroline leads a disciplined and well-rounded life. She follows a daily meditation practice, which she began in college. She enjoys exercise, extending her limits through activities such as running, yoga and stretching. She also prioritizes healthy food. Raised in a mixed-denomination household, Caroline has been on a spiritual journey for over ten years that deepens every day.

Caroline, also like Don, believes that everyone’s birth right is a joy filled, rewarding blessed life. Her work at Insight Life Academy helps facilitate every client’s journey of living their greatest potential and bringing their gifts into the world.

In addition to supporting Insight Life Academy's Zen Business platform, Caroline is also working to bring to life a platform of her own, through writing, blogging, course creation and more. This mission is aimed to help fellow Millenials and younger generations achieve optimal wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Through Insight Life Academy, Caroline is able to live her true calling of contributing to the world and constantly improving her way of being.


At Insight Life Academy, we're passionate about continually growing and changing, each day evolving into better versions of ourselves. We invite you to join us on the journey - ILA, ZB and beyond!


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